It is tempting to go to the Internet to hire a technician (electrician, plumber, locksmith …) when we need to do some repairs or maintenance in our home instead of doing it ourselves. However, having a home maintenance plan can help you save a lot of money. And, fortunately, these are simple tasks that do not require technical knowledge or specialized training, nor a great deal of time or money. Roof. Make sure from time to time that there is no roof damage. If you do not, you can face a project of large-scale works in the future, with the cost that this entails. Pay special attention to the tiles that are around skylights, ventilation areas and chimneys, as they are more prone to leakage. Also be sure to use the best roofing company to avoid issues in the future. Toilet.¬†Water leaks in a toilet not only cost money, butContinue Reading