Best Bathroom Designs

The Age of the Open Concept

Having a great looking bathroom is something that you and your guests will find both intriguing and beautiful every time you use it. And since the bathroom is a heavily used room, it’s critical that you have an amazing design, along with some of your input and creativity. One of the more common, and beautiful, bathroom layouts is an open plan with a tiled shower and a clear shower door. Whether you have a rustic or modern home, a clear, shower door is classy, and much more appealing than your average white shower curtain. However, if you’re the type that NEEDS a bath tub, I have a solution. Finding a unique bathroom sink that ties into a similarly designed bathtub, is a great way to create a flowing design throughout the bathroom. Needless to say, white paint is in at the moment and if you’re considering a color other than white, make sure it’s bright enough to be both inviting, and timeless (such as a light grey or light yellow). All in all, an open bathroom with light colors, a clear shower door, and a sink, toilet and bathtub that all match, will lead to a classy, and beautiful bathroom design.


Now, let’s talk about some of the best bathroom design ideas when it comes to your bathroom accessories. Some of these include: towels, toothbrush/paste, toilet paper, etc. Having a neat and stylish way to house all these accessories is a necessity for a great looking bathroom. For example, having toiletries like toothbrushes and deodorant put away in drawers is the easiest way to keep a bathroom tidy and good looking for free. But when it comes to things you need out like toilet paper and towels, having matching holders for everything is a great idea. Floating wood shelves, to hold towels and toilet paper, contrast beautifully with a white bathroom and keep it from looking too sterile.

How to do all this for CHEAP!

Some things in the home remodeling industry can be done yourself, such as those floating shelves I just referenced. However, there are many things that professionals need to handle, such as the sliding shower door, and the new, matching sink/toilet/bathtub combo I stated earlier. The real way to save money on remodeling your bathroom is to get it done right. Getting quality supplies and quality installation is key to making sure your bathroom will not only look good, but stay looking good for years to come.

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